• Radioactive or Explosive substances are not accepted.
  • Laboratories of the core facility Imaging are classified as Biosafety LEVEL 1.Samples or experimental procedures that belong to other biohazard categories are not allowed.
  • To guarantee the appropriate protection of the working personnel, as well as of the other users, any potential hazard associated to the samples has to be notified prior to access to the laboratories.
  • The users are responsible of the quality-safety of the samples as well as for the proper disposal of waste and other the materials used during the experiment in accordance to the current regulation.
  • The core facility assumes no liability for sample damage and for sample damage induced by other users. We reserve the right to request analysis or proof of the quality of the samples (i.e. absence of mycoplasma contamination).
  • Core Facility personnel can interrupt measurements if those are not performed in accordance with the regulation of the Core Facility or of the General Laboratory Regulations of the University of Vienna.
  • Raw data will be archived for a limited amount of time. Exceptions can be discussed with the staff.