• Access to the Instruments of the Core Facility Multimodal Imaging of the Faculty of Chemistry will be granted in accordance to the specific needs/requirements of the PIs managing the Instruments.
  • Access is granted in accordance with the Head of the Core Facility and will depend on the availability of the instruments.
  • For instruments exclusively affiliated to the core facility, access will be granted to qualified personnel. Training will be provided on a regular basis from the Staff Scientists and Technicians affiliated to the core facility, as well as from dedicated specialists in the field of microscopy.In case of regular use of the core facility foreseen in research projects (i.e. Third Party Funding) a flat user rate will be applied to allow the regular use of the instruments.
  • In case the access control to the laboratory or equipment is based on the iButton it is also linked to the successful completion of the safety course and if necessary the initial training. Please contact the person in charge of the lab or equipment after you have completed the training course. Only (he|she) can then ask the Dean's office to activate your access to the laboratory. The heads of the faculty center will not activate your access without consultation of the person in charge. We will inform you after that has happened. At this point you have to update your iButton at one of the main doors to the building.