General rules

  • Eating and drinking in the laboratories is forbidden without exception.
  • Protective gear must be used.
  • Hazards have to be avoided.
  • The user is responsible for every accompanying person, e.g. participants of a lab course. (He|She) has to make sure that those persons strictly adhere to all local rules and guidelines and the General Laboratory and Workshop Regulations of the University of Vienna.
  • The staff of the Faculty Center will not remind users of their appointments.
  • You are kindly requested to acknowledge the Faculty Center in all publications containing data measured here or images taken here. (e.g.: We acknowledge support by X. Y and the Core Facility Multimodal Imaging…) We additionally request the bibliographical data of all such publications.



  • Access to the core facility laboratories is currently limited and granted exclusively in compliance to the “COVID-19 hygiene rules and rules of conduct” of the University of Vienna.

    Please get informed about the actual university operation guidelines